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Bathroom Remodeling Trends for 2019

by | Dec 27, 2018 | Bathroom Remodeling

For most of us, a bathroom is more than just a room we bathe in – it is a soothing sanctuary that melts away fatigue accumulated after a long, hard day. Needless to say, like other rooms in your home, this one deserves special care as well.

Bring your old bathroom into the new year by giving it a whole new look. Here are some new bathroom remodeling trends for 2019 that can inspire you:

Go Au Natural

Natural décor is ‘in’ this season, and it will continue to do so till the New Year. Believe it or not, you can use colored marble to create a look that will make your bathroom seem seamless and pristine at the same time. Get creative by introducing unique accessories such as floral soap dishes, trays and stone tiles instead of wood paneling for the walls.

Besides marble, you may also want to look into a more recent material that is popular among homeowners – Terrazo. The material is manufactured with marble, quartz and other components that make it quite versatile from a design point of view. It is usually installed on bathroom floors or shower room floors and is a great alternative to traditional porcelain tiles. Add these elements to your bathroom and give it a unique charm.

Go Big!

Think about it. All you need for personal hygiene is a sink and a shower right? But why stop there? The more space you have, the more comfortable (and happier) you’ll be. Modernize your bathroom by making it bigger and better than before. The first thing you should do is see the space you are working with and remove items that you don’t need.

Moving the washer and dryer to another room may open up some space, but adding extra elements will give it some oomph. For example, if you replace those teeny tiny tiles with larger alternatives, your small bathroom will look bigger from a visual perspective. Since bigger tiles don’t have that many joints to clean, you also won’t have to spend as much time cleaning and spend more time relaxing.

Create a Water Space

As the year comes to a close, so do certain bathroom trends. For instance, rather than a separate shower and bathtub area, many homeowners are opting for economical water spaces. The innovative layout includes a single area for these two elements which clears up more room.

By combining the shower and bathtub into a single open space, you get a larger area to enjoy. You can also add a glass barrier between the two areas to prevent splashes. Frame it with golden or dark tones to make it look extra attractive, and you have a bathroom that is a treat for the eyes.

Make it Smart

Technology has penetrated our lives so thoroughly that it has made its way into the bathroom. Since this room is now used as a place to wind down and relax, more and more homeowners are bringing their tech inside with them.

The right technology can transform your bathroom not only as a place for relaxation but also a productive and convenient space. You can do that by having a smart shower installed complete with adjustable water temperature and mood lighting that can make you sigh with contentment.

State of the art head towel racks are a great addition if you want to ensure you have a dry towel at the end.  Install a stereo to bring your tunes in with you and you will never want to leave.

The smart bathroom can provide a spa experience and one which you can control effortlessly.

Play with Textures

The latest bathroom trends that will take 2019 by storm are not limited to color and tech. There has been an endless flow of new and intriguing tiles which are far from your run of the mill options. Imagine tiles that look like actual wood, which when installed can give your bathroom a unique charm.

By playing with colors, textures, and designs this way, you can make this space stand out and evoke warmth that can make it feel homey.

Play with Lighting

When it comes to bathroom essentials, you should play with lighting options. With the correct ones, you can not only bring your décor together but also introduce new energy into the space. For example, if you use LED lights, you can create a calming and bright glow that will not strain your eyes and relax you at the same time.

These types of lights do not consume as much energy and last longer than their traditional counterparts. As climate change becomes a very real threat, it is a good idea to look into environmentally friendly options that won’t drain your electricity bill. Start with your bathroom and go on from there.

Experiment with shower stalls

One of the trending options for bathroom renovations includes shower enclosures. There are a range of options you can choose from, and each is available in a variety of styles, configurations and hardware selections. You can also update your existing shower stall with black matte or luxurious lacquer finishes, making the design seem timeless.

If you want to go all out, look into shower stalls that come with unique glass patterns to give your old bathroom a new look. Or you can look into bold accents and statement-making tile designs to inject new life into an outdated shower space.

These were just some of the bathroom trends that you can use in your remodeling efforts for 2019. However, rather than doing it yourself and possibly wasting money on resources you don’t need, contact the professionals at B+M Restorations.

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