Crime and trauma cleanup

The highly trained technicians at B+M Restorations adhere to OSHA and EPA protocols to ensure a crime or accident scene is properly cleaned and made safe.  The team removes bloodborne pathogens, chemicals, blood, and much more.

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Crime and Trauma Cleanup

Our team of cleanup professionals works with our clients with compassion and understanding to help reduce the trauma and anxiety that occur during times of tragedy.  We decontaminate and restore biohazard environments that occur after suicide, homicide, natural causes and crime scene traumas. We are committed to helping when it matters the most, to ease the psychological and emotional trauma in times of crisis.

Suicide & Homicide Cleanup

Biohazard & Hazardous Waste Removal

Blood Removal & Cleanup

Decomposition Cleanup

Going through insurance? We work directly with all insurance companies to ensure a fast and easy restoration!


How We Help

If your home or business is the scene of a suicide, homicide or fatal accident, you may need the services of a professional trauma and crime scene cleanup team.  We help area families, businesses, and other organizations restore a building, street, or home after a trauma or accident.