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What is Crime Scene Cleanup?

by | Nov 4, 2018 | Crime Scene Clean Up

Have you ever wondered what a crime scene clean up company does?  It’s rare that the average person thinks about crime scene cleanup. Viewers NCIS, CSI, and other crime-related shows may see the crime scene clean up teams on TV, but it’s not something that they often contemplate. When a tragedy occurs these crime scene restoration specialists
In the past, after a beloved family member or friend died as a result of a traumatic event those closest to the deceased where left with the emotional toll of cleaning the scene. Today, loved ones can turn to crime scene hazmat cleanup specialists that are trained in the proper removal of human tissue, fluids, and blood.

Unlike the images seen on TV crime shows, the reality is that only a few of the calls crime scene cleanup specialists receive are initiated after a major crime. Most calls which come from family members, hotel staff, and property managers are the result of an unattended natural death or a suicide.

Crime scene cleaners are trained in the proper handling of biohazard materials and decontamination of the scene. This training includes handling of the different stages of blood cleanup, the removal, and restoration of the area such as sheetrock, flooring, and proper disposal. The B+M Restorations crime scene specialists are rigorously trained and certified to perform this essential work with compassion and understanding for the surviving family members.

Crime Scene Disarray

Crime scenes can be startling for loved ones. As an example, a body that is not discovered for some time will be in the stages of decomposition. This scenario results in strong odors which are absorbed by the personal items, furnishings, walls, and flooring. In these cases, the crime scene cleanup team will remove all the contamination including bedding, flooring, sheetrock, and furniture and will clean and decontaminate restoring the area to a hazmat free environment.

Crime Scene Cleanup Processes

It’s no surprise that the cleaning up of the fluids and tissue left behind in the wake of a violent death or decomposition requires particular processes to restore to a clean and safe area. The B+M Restorations team meticulously processes the area to detect every splatter, spot or shard. The team uses a special formulation that helps identify the hidden biohazards.

Different types of organic matter require different handling and cleaning. Organic materials like brain matter will tend to harden and may seep into difficult to reach areas such as the cracks between floorboards and other crevices. These situations may sometimes require the use of demolition tools to access and remove the organic matter.

The Smell

The smell of death is distinctive and permeating. When a body goes a long time before discovery, the smell can be overwhelming. Crime scene cleanup technicians wear booties, gloves, specially lined suits, and respirators to protect the technicians from the hazardous environment. To neutralize the odors, the specialists will utilize HEPA filters, ozone machines, air scrubbers, and concentrated UV light.

Cleanup Specialists as Counselors

People respond to grief in different ways, and as a result, the crime scene cleanup team is prepared to handle the emotional needs of the family members. Often the family will share details of all the events leading up to the tragedy and need compassion and understanding during a very difficult and traumatic time.

The Costs of Cleanup

The costs of a crime scene cleanup vary and depend on how much time is necessary to restore the area properly. Insurance and other victim compensation may cover some of the expenses associated with cleanup, but part of the bill often is paid by the family.

Choosing a Baltimore Crime Scene Cleanup Company

Many people will google “crime scene cleanup company near me” when searching for an expert trauma cleanup professional. It is essential to know the right questions to ask the company to ensure they are the right fit for your needs.

After the tragedy of a loved one’s death, most family members and friends are mentally and physically ill-equipped to handle the cleanup which is necessary to restore a home or building to a safe and healthy environment. Hiring a professional trauma cleanup company is vital to ensure all biohazards are adequately removed and restored. Below are a few tips to help ensure you engage a team knowledgeable and experienced to do the work you need to be done properly and effectively.

  1. Ask about the certification of the Baltimore Crime Scene Cleanup Company:  Crime scene cleanup companies in Maryland are required to adhere to specific guidelines. When researching Baltimore trauma mitigation specialists in the area ask if they are duly certified to handle the task of restoring your property to a safe bio-hazard free environment.

  2. Expect Professionalism:  B+M Restorations has been in the cleanup industry since 2002. During this time we have ensured that our team is trained to have the expertise necessary to handle even the most challenging trauma situations. We have worked diligently to earn the trust of families, corporations, municipalities and government clients. After a tragedy, your friends will want to help you clean the environment. While their good intentions can be comforting, the hard work and expertise required to remove biohazards associated with a crime or trauma scene properly require specific knowledge. When you hire a professional cleanup company, you need to be sure that the restoration is in full compliance with state and insurance requirements. The risks of family and friends handling the arduous cleanup may prove more expensive when dealing with secondary issues or damage than hiring a professional at the beginning of the cleanup.

  3. Request References: Asking a cleanup provider for references can help give you the peace of mind of knowing that the company you choose will meet your expectations

  4. Discretion: Your Baltimore crime scene cleanup company should exercise discretion regarding the cleanup of your home or building. The trauma cleanup team at B+M Restorations offers the utmost discretion earning the trust of our clients before, during and after the cleanup.

  5. Ask About Financial Aid: Some areas will provide some form of financial aid to assist families or business owners to pay for the trauma cleanup. Biological and chemical contamination is a public health concern; thus some government agencies offer victim relief funds to assist survivors of crime, violence, suicide, and disaster.

When a violent crime or death affects your family or business, call our team of crime scene cleanup specialists at B+M Restorations. We will ensure your property is appropriately and discretely restored.

Going through insurance? We work directly with all insurance companies to ensure a fast and easy restoration!


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