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The Impact of Winter Weather on Your Home

by | Jan 11, 2022 | Home Preparedness

We have all heard about freezing water pipes during a cold Maryland winter. We know the damage that a broken water pipe can cause in a house or a place of business. But winter weather brings additional potential damage to your home. 

At B+M Restorations, we are on call 24X7 to respond to your cold-weather emergency. Our professional team stands ready to assist you with anything from plumbing emergencies to the aftermath of a winter storm.

We have also assembled this list of ways that winter weather impacts your home. Knowing the warning signs of winter impact may help you limit the damage.


Winter Weather Red Flags at Home

Awareness of the impact of winter weather is the first step to ensure that your home is ready for the cold Maryland temperatures, ice, and snowstorms. An inspection list may allow you to recognize a problem early.  

  1. Frozen Water Pipes: At the top of the list for a Maryland winter is always frozen or ruptured pipes. It is essential to have a plan to prevent frozen pipes. If temperatures will be consistently below 27F, it is time to roll out your plan. And if your home has a sump pump, you need to take steps to ensure that it does not freeze.
  2. Roof Damage from Clogged Gutters: Clogged gutters cause water to back up, which freezes and can damage your roof. That damage usually leads to mold, wall damage, and even damaged flooring. It is crucial to ensure that your gutters are maintained.
  3. Ice Damage: Ice can cause cracks in your foundation. Do you have a renovated basement? As ice thaws, water flows into your basement (not to mention all the water from spring rain). Ice also causes damage to your home’s siding, decking, and windows.
  4. Wind Damage: Maryland winter storms often include strong wind. Consider items in your yard that may become airborne and cause damage to your home, including broken windows. Do not forget to inspect the trees near your home. Are there branches hanging over your home? Prune limbs before the next storm.
  5. Heating Your Home: Many think that mold is a summer problem. Mold is a year-round problem. On a cold winter day, have you noticed condensation on the inside of your windows? That condensation can lead to mold on windowsills and walls. Also, a homeowner with dry heat may use a humidifier. All condensation should be monitored.


Have a Winter Plan for Your Home?

Your winter household plan should include monitoring the structures on your property and problems should be addressed immediately. A weekly walk-around your property may save you time and money in the future. Not to mention that your homeowner’s insurance policy may require that tree limbs be cut, and landscaping be kept from your home’s foundation.  

Moisture, mold, and a dripping water pipe should be quickly remedied. These are all red flags of an impending problem. You may be one cold night away from a more significant problem.


Call a Professional Restoration and Plumbing Team

Even if you follow all the advice in this blog, you may need assistance recovering from a winter storm. If you live in Baltimore City, Baltimore County, Harford County, Cecil County, or Carroll County, Maryland, give B+M Restorations a call. Our phones are monitored 24X7.

Plus, we are the local company that works with your insurance policy provider to ensure that all needed paperwork is complete, on time. 

Our professional team knows that returning your home to a cozy retreat is a top priority. Browse our restoration page to find a list of all our restoration services.

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