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Help! I Have a Mold Problem! What You Need to Know About Mold in Your Home

by | Aug 30, 2018 | Featured, Mold

Do you have a mold problem? Mold is a silent, but dangerous problem. Because mold likes to grow in dark, warm spaces, it often goes undetected under carpeting or behind walls inside homes that are otherwise perfectly clean. You may not realize you have a problem until it has grown into a major issue. Unfortunately, mold infestations can cause serious health issues. When you discover a significant mold problem, you need to act quickly, before your family’s health is compromised. Here are some of the ways mold can affect your health adversely.

1. Mold Spores Make Allergy Symptoms Worse

If you already suffer from allergies or asthma symptoms, mold in your home will make them worse. If you do not have allergy problems, mold can cause them. It only takes a little bit of mold to produce wheezing, coughing, and upper respiratory discomfort and a severe infestation will create serious problems for the allergy sufferer in your home.

2. Toxic Mold Can Case Neurological Symptoms

Certain types of mold can do more than make your allergies irritated. Toxic mold, a specific type of black mold, can create problems like memory loss, dizziness, headaches and concentration problems. Why? Because it is poisonous, and the poison can affect your neurological functioning.

3. Mold Can Affect Your Mood

If you find yourself struggling with anxiety or depression, it may be because of mold. Airborne mold spores can have a dampening effect on your mood, and this, combined with the mental effects of mold, can create serious mood changes. Only the removal of the mold will take care of the problem entirely.

4. Mold Spores in Your Home Can Cause Serious Respiratory Illness

While allergies are frustrating and uncomfortable, they are rarely serious. However, mold can do more than contribute to allergy problems. It can also cause severe respiratory illness. In fact, in immunocompromised individuals or very young children, mold exposure can lead to potentially fatal respiratory disease and distress.

As you can see, mold in your home is very serious. If you discover mold, you need to have it professionally evaluated and removed. If the mold is toxic mold, it requires careful handling to prevent the spread of mold spores and additional exposure. If left untreated, mold will continue to grow and spread and affect your health negatively. Protect the health of your family by dealing with the effects of mold as quickly as possible with the help of a skilled professional.

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