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Mold Removal: Necessary Information you should know before Hiring a Mold Remediation Company

by | Mar 7, 2019 | Mold

If you live in Harford or Baltimore County, or Baltimore City this article will help shed light on what you should do when facing a mold issue.

Have you ever encountered a strange musty smell wafting in the air of your home or office? If yes, then this strange smell is a clear cut indicator that there is mold damage somewhere in the house.

If your property suffers from water or flood damage due to a natural disaster, sewage backup, leakages or a plumbing issue, the excessive moisture can build up affected areas of your home. This moisture creates the perfect environment for mold to grow and spread in your house, emitting that musty smell.

While it is difficult to tolerate the smell, more concerning is that mold can cause serious health complications. The particles mold emit have been known to cause mild to severe symptoms of asthma, hay-fever, dermatitis, and even life-threatening primary and secondary infections in immune-compromised patients who are exposed. These health issues are just a few of the reasons why it’s imperative that you call a mold remediation company at the first sight of mold.

Below is some information that every property owner should be aware of when looking for mold removal services from a mold remediation company in Harford County, Baltimore County or Baltimore City.


Mold or mildew is essentially a colony and growth of fungus inside or outside a home or commercial building on wet surfaces. It reproduces and grows through spores or seeds invisible to the naked eye. It is the spores which are emitted in the air by a mold colony that causes the mold-related health issues and the moist and musty smell that permeates through the air.

The appearance of mold growth depends on the type of mold. But it usually looks like green, blue, or brownish spots in the areas wherever there is a presence of any excessive moisture.

Eliminating  Mold

Mold removal depends on the type of mold and the extent of the damage.  The mold removal process can be an arduous process and requires the use of specially designed tools and techniques to not remove the mold and ensure it doesn’t return.

Human nature, however, pushes a lot of property owners, even those with no mold removal experience, to attempt to resolve the problem themselves. They do not understand that mold removal is far more involved than simply removing the mold from the surface.

The proper mold removal process includes eliminating the nasty moldy smell and also taking steps to it that it doesn’t become a problem in the future. Mold removal can take time, regardless of the extent of the damage. The process will be even more difficult to complete without any expertise properly.

If homeowners take the DIY approach and are unable to remove the moisture from the affected areas, mold will grow back. Property owners that attempt the DIY route can become frustrated as they have to tackle the issues over and over again.  Additionally, you might not have all the necessary tools and cleaning supplies.

Since the process requires meticulous work and specialized equipment, the job is best left to a mold remediation professionals.

Calling Mold Remediation Experts for Mold Removal In Harford County, Baltimore County, and Baltimore City

Calling certified professionals who specialize in mold removal is the right choice. You can google mold removal companies near me to explore and research professionals for your mold problem.

Mold removal professionals have years of experience in the field and will be much more efficient in restoring your house to its mold-free glory. If you are still unconvinced that a mold remediation professional in is the right choice, here are some of the benefits that might be able to change your mind:

Test the House for Mold

Often, a musty smell is all that homeowners can find as proof of mold. If mold is growing in a hidden location, out of sight, there is a chance that the homeowner might dismiss the smell. Mold can sometimes grow in spots where the homeowner wasn’t even aware that it existed. Additionally, sometimes the growth is so tiny that even though it is in clear sight, one can miss it.

With that said, finding the source and location of mold is sometimes more difficult than removing it. Since experts have experience of working on many mold removal projects, they can detect the source much more easily.

Mold remediation specialists use their experience and specialized tools to locate mold and the extent of the damage it has done.

Deeper Cleaning

Homeowners can try to clean mold themselves; however, the results are typically a surface-level mold removal.  This type of insufficient removal is because they lack the skills and knowledge and don’t have the proper equipment and cleaning supplies on hand to complete the job. Additionally, they are unaware of the extent of the mold damage, and consequentially put their health at risk.

As previously mentioned, DIY mold removal can often result in the mold coming back, putting the health of the people living in your house or working at your business at risk. The continuous presence of excessive moisture and mold damage can potentially cause structural damage to the property itself. All around, the DIY approach is not a good idea!

Mold Remediation experts meet all the equipment, skill, knowledge, and supply requirements for mold removal. They have special suits that protect them when coming in contact with the mold and use specialized equipment to clean it thoroughly to prevent it from returning.

Prevent Mold from Spreading

Mold spreads in the form of spores. If one comes into contact with mold and disrupts it, spores are released into the air. These spores find their way across the property and latch on wherever moisture there is present.  As such, property owners that attempt the mold removal themselves, can unknowingly cause it to spread. But remediation experts can contain the mold and spores, preventing it from spreading to other areas of the house and causing health concerns.

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