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The Perils of Sewage Backups

by | Jul 17, 2018 | Sewage Backup

Sewage backups in your home or business are more than just a smelly inconvenience. Whether from a septic system that backs up or from a blockage somewhere down the line in your plumbing, when sewage comes flowing back into your home, your health and safety are at risk. Before you grab the mop and start cleaning, you need to understand what could be hiding in that sewage.

Health Hazards from Sewage Backups

Sewage is a serious risk to your health. The bacteria and viruses in sewage can make you seriously ill. Some of the diseases carried in sewage have the potential to make you violently ill, and a few can be fatal. While you would not typically be found consuming the water that comes into your home in a sewage backup, it’s nearly impossible not to come in contact with it during the cleanup process, and you can end up contaminating your food, kitchen utensils, dishes, or drinking water as a result. The bacteria and viruses in the water can also enter your body through sores or cuts in your skin.

Risks to Your Home and Property

In addition to the health risks, sewage backups put your home at risk. If the water levels reach electrical outlets or cords, you could have a house fire. Sewage water that soaks into carpeting or wood can create a perfect breeding ground for dangerous mold. Any personal items, like your furniture or important paperwork, which come in contact with the sewage may be ruined completely.

Professional Restoration Is the Key to Recovery After a Sewage Backup

A sewage backup can happen to anyone at any time. While there are steps you can take to prevent the risk, like only flushing items that are meant to be flushed, a backup can still occur. When a backup happens, you need to reach out to a professional water restoration team immediately.

A water restoration professional will know not only how to remove the water that comes with a sewage backup, but also how to properly sanitize and restore your home and property to protect your family from the risks of sewage-borne pathogens. A professional restoration team will also have the right cleaning products to ensure your home and belongings are safe to use once again. With the right equipment and materials, a professional water damage mitigation service, like B and M Clean, can offer the most cost-effective, appropriate and safe option to restore your home, remove risk and eliminate odor after a sewage backup. Call B+M Restorations today to discuss your water restoration needs with a qualified team of professionals.

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