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Aftermath of a Flood

by | Jun 11, 2018 | Featured | 0 comments

Did you know that the waters resulting from a flood are riddled with bacteria and other hazardous organisms? Thus, it is no surprise that the flood waters can be dangerous to humans and pets. By touching contaminated items the bacteria and organisms can be spread so frequent hand-washing is important to prevent serious illnesses. After a flood you will want to hire a professional flood restoration company that offers the unique expertise needed to return your home or office to proper condition.

What to do immediately after the flood:

  • Keep loved ones and pets away from the contaminated areas
  • Consider all areas to be toxic until properly restored and decontaminated
  • Do not track the contaminates into other areas
  • Do not try to save porous items that have been contaminated…doing so may have severe consequences

Important to:

  • Get to safety – Evacuate your loved ones to safety
  • Notify your insurance agent
  • Call A Flood Restoration Company – You will need experts that you can trust –a company that is knowledgeable in handling flooded areas, has experience dealing with insurance companies, can complete the work within a reasonable time frame and has a good reputation

Dealing with the damage following a flood can be an emotional experience; however, your flood restoration experts can help get your life back to normal. These experts can ensure that your home or business is restored to look as good as or better than it did before.

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